Take On Me – The Literal Version

by alphamonkey on October 6, 2008 · 3 comments

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Big thanks to longtime ‘Buddha pal Nick Mundy for this clever find: The literal version of A-Ha’s iconic “Take On Me” video:

A great premise that gets bogs down a little by some (in my opinion) unnecessary digs at the original video’s style, but is saved by some great additions during the breakdown. And I have to say – I give big props to anyone who can effortlessly nail Morten Harket’s iconic sustained high note in the chorus. I wouldn’t even begin to try that sucker.

But what really stood out to me was that how effin’ GREAT this video is, even 22 years later. Equal parts Brazil and Altered States thrown together with some truly beautiful rotoscoping work and of course a knock-out tune. Just the fact that it’s being parodied this far down the line should be testament to it’s staying power. Interestingly enough the version we know and love was the band’s second shot at a video, and third shot at the tune; all their previous efforts tanked in comparison.

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  • http://www.lazymovie.com Roto Artist

    A-ha’s take on me song and video is very timeless… My boss likes this video so much… *grin*

  • Alan

    Holy crap – was that really 22 years ago? That makes me feel old.

  • http://seekin.com Janet

    Somehow I can’t watch it all the way through…I’m too old.

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