Ayn Rand's Guide for Lonely, Objectivist Hearts…

by alphamonkey on December 2, 2008 · 0 comments

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Long time ‘buddha pals shan’t find this shocking, but I tend to reserve a special kind of disdain for Ayn Rand and her philosophical broodlings. The current state of our financial funhouse might be a good indicator as to why, but I’m not the only one to make that connection. McSweeney’s gives us Atlas Shrugged updated for the current financial crisis, and now with 50% more subprime references!

“There’s a whole world out there of byzantine financial products just waiting to be invented, Dagny. Let the leeches run my factories into the ground! I hope they do! I’ve taken out more insurance on a single Rearden Steel bond than the entire company is even worth! When my old company finally tanks, I’ll make a cool $877 million.”

Though I’m all too aware that for some of you that’ll read less like satire and more like financial romance pr0n, so for those of you with a heart full of Rand I shall direct you to the The Atlasphere, the Ayn Rand dating and networking site.

Though if you’re like me, you might just content yourself with New York Magazine’s choice excerpts from various would-be Galts, Reardons, and Taggarts.

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