Disaster Movie 101: 10 Steps to Create Your Own

by Cap'n Carrot on December 17, 2008 · 0 comments

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homer-disaterDisaster Movies once again seem to be popping up all over the place. The Day the Earth Stood Still remake is in theaters now and we’ve got flicks like Knowing and 2012 hitting theaters next year. Paul Owen, of guardian.co.uk, has set forth a simple 10 step plan to create the perfect disaster movie boiling down every cliche (ex: the scientist explaining the dire situation using whatever happens to be laying around) into a handy-dandy formula to write your own screenplay.

My favorite is: 

Step 8: The Scientist Puts Together a Team

“In a cave underneath Mount Rushmore, the president should introduce the scientist to a crack team dedicated to fixing the problem – which should turn out to include his attractive ex-wife as well as a droll Englishman. The three of them should come up with a plan to stop the disaster – the more unrealistic the better. A good one in this case would be to have someone jump off the Empire State Building like a diving board in order to activate a nuclear weapon that would destroy the moon and thus reset earth’s gravity; anything like that, really.”

Funny stuff! Check out all ten steps.

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