January 2009

Taken, but not stirred

by Cap'n Carrot on January 30, 2009 · 6 comments

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taken-movieTaken is the film for you if you simply love Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme flicks, and are constantly bemoaning the fact that they have been relegated to direct-to-DVD and made-for-TV projects. If however, you want more out of a film than pace, so-so action, and a high body count you’re going to be disappointed.

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer, Liam Neeson stars as a retired spy trying to reconnect with his estranged 17-year-old daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) who wants his permission to travel to France for the summer with her best friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy).

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Batman #685 – Wrap-up. Really, what else is there to say? Can you have a comic titled Batman without the Caped Crusader? It seems DC is going to try. All we get here is the conclusion to the Catwoman/Hush story arc. Ol’ pointy ears is barely even mentioned, but we do get late cameos from Nigthwing and Robin. What it does – ties up some loose ends without giving away anything Bat-related which is to come. What it doesn’t do – give you a reason worth plopping down $3. Meh.

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Grow Tower

by alphamonkey on January 30, 2009

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Grow TowerI’ve been a bad internet friend, as I’ve known for a few days that On from Eyemaze released another entry in his Grow series last week yet I hadn’t posted it for you, my dear anonymous Internet pals.

As before the idea behind Grow Tower is a simple ‘find the right order’ mechanic, but this time you’re trying to take your tower as far as you can. So far I’ve found only a single solution to the puzzle that maxes out each item (as evidenced by the image), but I’m willing to bet there’s more than one way to win. Of course half the appeal of the Grow games lay with the imaginative animations and designs, so even an incomplete attempt can have its own rewards.

Have at it, folks: Grow Tower

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Huntress: Year….why?

by alphamonkey on January 29, 2009

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huntress-year-one-1DC just shipped out trade paperbacks collecting the six-issue mini-series Huntress: Year One. Priced at $17.99 (hell, anything more than FREE is too much) I’m not exactly sure who the target audience is for this, but my bet is those who thought the (thankfully) short-lived Birds of Prey television show was totally rad!

Since that doesn’t apply to me, my reaction to this graphic novel wasn’t what you’d call positive. I’m not saying it’s awful. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what I’m saying! Batman: Year One rocked, but do we really need to try and duplicate that success with randomly chosen heroes? Gee, I hope I can contain my hankering for Jack O’ Lantern Year One!

The plot gives us the life story of Helena Bertinelli and her journey from orphan at the hands of mobsters, to avenging killer, to, ultimately, hero. To start out on a positive note let me say I didn’t hate the art by Clifford Richards, Art Thibert, and Norm Rapmund. Compared to the story the look isn’t too bad. That isn’t to say that it’s great. The skintight costumes of Catwoman and early Huntress were a bit too Playboy-esque. You don’t need to make me feel any dirtier for reading a Huntress comic.

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The following Inaugural photo is a mixture of 220 photos taken from the same location. By doing this, you can scan and zoom in on people to such a degree you can see the tears in their eyes and the smiles on their faces. Really cool tech.


Via Gizmodo

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Okay, this is pretty funny. Some hackers in Austin, Texas actually found something useful for those roadside signs we all usually ignore. Two of the signs along busy intersections were changed to read “Zombies Ahead!,” “Zombies in the Area! Run,” “The End is Near!!!!!!!!!,” and “Nazi Zombies! Run!!!” Here’s the scoop from the local news team. And if driving through the Austin area be wareful of Nazi Zombies and remember to pack that zombie-thwacking cricket bat!

Nazi Zombies! Run!!!

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Okay, if the film is half as good as this viral gem I might be able to make it through He’s Just Not That Into You without throwing up. Thanks to Eric for the find.

Bradley Cooper, Kevin Connolly, and Justin Long act out ten romcom cliches you won’t be seeing in their upcoming film. My favorite is #6 – “No one in this movie slides down a wall while crying.”

Watch Ten Chick Flick Cliches That Are Not In He’s Just Not That Into You

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Okay, we can bemoan the straight-to-video 1990 movie, but it’s not like Captain America’s stint on television in the 1970’s was any better. Reb Brown starred as the Sentinel of Liberty in a pair of made-for-TV projects that are mostly memorable for his motorcycle and that awful costume complete with helmet. I’d like to talk with the guy who thought what would really make Cap cool was to turn him into Evil Knievel. Also, who knew that ol’ Cap was bionic (listen in at 1:43)?

Watch Captain America riding his hog

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Much like teh monkey, I wasn’t thrilled with the announcement of movie adaptation of Watchmen, nor have I been all that keen on what I’ve seen so far from the project (nipples? really?? didn’t we learn our lesson from Batman and Robin???). This short video however is the first time I’ve been remotely interested (instead of angry and fearful) about the project.

As the Minutemen, and what’s covered in these clips, exist in only one small piece of the overall story I’m not about to immediately jump on board, but I have to say this at least slightly mollifies my aggression toward the project.

Watch Watchmen: Minutemen

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Eye on Springfield

by alphamonkey on January 28, 2009

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Now who doesn’t want a little Simpsons love everyday? Eye on Springfield offers up snapshots from the show’s earlier (i.e. better) days.


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