and the new Doctor Who is…

by alphamonkey on January 3, 2009 · 7 comments

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uh…Matt Smith? So um, yeah.

Doctor goes to 11: Matt Smith

I’m not shocked that Doctor Who is going with a relative unknown for the role, but the fact that Smith is by far the youngest actor ever to play the Doctor seems like they’re going for a wildly different direction in the 2010 series.

Granted I was hesitant about Tennant taking over after Christopher Eccleston’s all-too-brief stint, but he’s gone on to become my all time favorite Doctor.

So that’s it, folks. Once the Christmas special airs in the US, we’ll only have 3 more ‘specials’ spread across 2009 before the next official series begins.

Man, I hate waiting.

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  • Trules

    Eccleston was good but damn if David Tennant isn’t awesome.
    Mr. Smith has big shoes to fill.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Now that I look at him, he’s just goofy looking enough to work. He looks like he could be Eccleston’s son, in fact.

  • BAD

    We’ll have to see how he does, but I like his personality and expressions. I think it’s appropriate that he is young. It always seemed to me that the Doctor was becoming a bit younger every time he regenerated.

    There were some obvious exceptions, but if you watched any of the first season till Tom Baker, you would see that a tendency for the Doctor to get younger makes more sense than him being a codger.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Cap’n Carrot and I looked up the ages of the various Doctors on Friday, and with only two exceptions (Jon Pertwee was a year older than Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker was 8 years older than Peter Davison) they have indeed all been younger than their predecessor.

  • BAD

    I actually really dislike the very first Doctor. I was a Tom Baker kid (now a David Tennant adult!), and the idea of the Doctor being a grumpy old jerk really irked me.

  • Cap’n Carrot

    So what’s next Daniel Radcliffe? Just kidding! And remember its going to be a year before we see him so he’ll be a tad older at least before he steps into the TARDIS. Given his age though I wonder if “his” Doctor growing up was Davison (one of my least favorites) and how much that may color his portrayal. And having the Doctor be younger than me makes me feel too damn old!

    Here’s hoping he works out and Tennant (with Martha Jones), Eccleston (with Rose Tyler) and maybe even McGann (with, um, what was her name again…?) show up together in a future cross-over episode.

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