Battlestar Galactica – The Face of the Enemy

by alphamonkey on January 12, 2009 · 0 comments

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Do you feel it? That nervous anticipation? It’s like waiting in line for the bathroom at a super-packed show, but instead of trying to make room for more beer before your favorite band takes the stage, you’re desperately, foot-tappingly anxious to make room for more AWESOME.

That’s right, folks: The final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica debut on Friday. Will the series return to it’s creative zenith of Seasons 1&2? Will the plot developments be doled out so slowly as to make Lost (or Carnivale for that matter) look like a date that goes for your pants before the opening credit fades off the screen? Will ANYTHING be explained in a satisfactory manner? Who cares? BSG just rocks that hard. In honor of Friday’s premiere we’ll be running the webseries ‘The Face of the Enemy’ (which wraps up today with episode 10), twice daily to get you (okay, me) in the mood for the last 10 weeks we get to spend with the best show that was originally a metaphor for the Mormon mythology.

Here’s Webisode 1:

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