Comic Rack – Batman, Usagi Yojimbo & Final Crisis

by alphamonkey on January 30, 2009 · 0 comments

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Batman #685 – Wrap-up. Really, what else is there to say? Can you have a comic titled Batman without the Caped Crusader? It seems DC is going to try. All we get here is the conclusion to the Catwoman/Hush story arc. Ol’ pointy ears is barely even mentioned, but we do get late cameos from Nigthwing and Robin. What it does – ties up some loose ends without giving away anything Bat-related which is to come. What it doesn’t do – give you a reason worth plopping down $3. Meh.


Usagi Yojimbo #117 – The story begins with Kitsune telling a war tale (including some nice animal-on-animal battle action) to a captive audience before lifting a pouch off an unsuspecting warrior. The small skull-shaped netsuke she finds promises nothing but trouble as Hatakeyama and his ronin will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Although Usagi himself isn’t in much of the action (only appearing on 6 pages) this issue does a good job of starting a new story arc and gives you reason to come back for more. I’m all for bunny-based comics, and Usagi may not be Captain Carrot (or Hoppy the Marvel bunny), but I usually get my money’s worth where the rabbit ronin is concerned.


Final Crisis #7 (of 7) – Well, at least it’s over. As big a mess that Final Crisis was it did have some moments. In this final issue we get to see Barry Allen and Wally West help hasten the end of Darkseid (and give a reason for Barry to stay around the DCU), and we are given our first clue to the fate of Batman. We also get the sheering of the Multiverse, the end of Earth-Zero as we know it, Captain Marvel with way too many Supermen, a “miracle machine,” and a Hair reference. Was it the epic ending that the mini-series promised? Not really, but as confusing at the entire enterprise was at least it did some good in re-setting the Multiverse and providing endless possibilities for the future of the DCU.

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