Comic Rack – Dark Avengers, GL, Moon Knight & The Spirit

by alphamonkey on January 23, 2009 · 2 comments

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Dark Avengers #1 – This ain’t your daddy’s Avengers. There’s a lot here to enjoy in this first issue with Norman Osborne putting together his own team including Moonstone (the new Ms. Marvel), Sentry, Venom (as the Amazing Spider-Man), Nor-Varr (as Captain Marvel), Daken (as Wolverine), Ares, Hawkeye (identity still unknown), and the Iron Patriot. Aside from a B-story involving Dr. Doom and Morgan le Fay, which isn’t tied to the main story (at all), there’s quite a bit that works including some good character interaction, and a fun moment as Norman breaks into Tony Stark’s secret stash. As a set-up first issue it does what you want, and I plan on coming back for more.


Green Lantern #37 – Am I the only one wondering when the Chartreuse Lanterns and the Camouflage Lanterns are going to show up? “Rage of the Red Lanterns” continues with Hal and his new friends the Blue Lanterns finally finding Sinestro. Of course things get complicated when the Red Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns show up. Although this one’s almost a lost cause (and has a final page which makes me want to throw somebody at DC out a window) there are a couple of nice moments including a flashback of Hal and Sinestro back in his training days. There’s also a glimpse at a possible future for Hal (which may or may not have been penned by Ron Marz). The bad news is this one’s a bit of a stinker, but the good news is “Rage of the Red Lanterns” wraps up next issue.


Moon Knight #26 – Moon Knight is one of those titles that’s always hit-or-miss to me. This one’s a bit of a miss, but does set in motion a possibly good storyline with “Down South: Chapter One.” Spector (Moon Knight doesn’t appear in his pajamas, um…costume, in this issue) finds himself in Mexico, off the grid, fighting for cash to get by. There’s some nice brutal action early on before he’s hired to find a kidnapped girl, but this issue does little more than set-up the new storyline. And although Frank Castle appears on the cover he’s not a part of the story, and we have to wait until the final panel for the Punisher to even show up. Like much of the title, more of a miss than a hit.


The Spirit #25 – Someone in town has it in for mushrooms (good for them! sorry, not a mushroom fan, never have been, never will be) and it’s up to The Spirit to stop them! Full of high-Spirited fun, nice fight scenes, beautiful dames, and clues to a nefarious scheme which is more than meets the eye. Spirit lovers should enjoy this one.

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    As much as I’d like to enjoy Green Lantern, I’m constantly reminded that awesome is yellow.

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