Forward the Foundation?

by Cap'n Carrot on January 19, 2009 · 2 comments

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foundationIt seems someone (Roland Emmerich) is going to attempt to turn Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series into a film franchise. I foresee a couple obstacles.

1) As sexy as Psychohistory sounds on the page I’m not so sure it’s going to grab theater audiences.

2) Although the series is quite good Foundation itself is a collection of short stories which don’t really fit all that well together. You could fix this by beginning with the prequel Prelude to Foundation, but that creates an entire new set of problems.

3) Hollywood doesn’t exactly have a stellar record in adapting Asimov’s work (see I, Robot and Bicentennial Man)

4) They are giving it to the guy who directed this.

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  • David Bruce Murray

    Where is Peter Jackson when you really need him?

    Emmerich can make money at the box office for a studio, whether you like the results or not, but an epic story like this needs the hand of a longtime fan of the books in order to realize the full potential.

    I’m not so sure ANYONE could do justice to the _Foundation_ series, though.

    Maybe Emmerich will surprise us all.

    I do think Robert Silverberg’s novel length expansion of Asimov’s short story, _The Ugly Little Boy_ might translate successfully to film.

    Most of his books, though, don’t make a screenplay writer’s job easy.

  • .alphamonkey.

    “Most of his books, though, don’t make a screenplay writer’s job easy”

    I really and truly love that Asimov was cognizant of that to the point where he wrote a story about a sci-fi writer whose work frustrated a director tasked with bringing it to the screen.

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