G'night Ricardo Montalban

by alphamonkey on January 15, 2009 · 0 comments

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Sadly, Patrick McGoohan isn’t the only one to say sayonara recently and shuffle off the mortal coil. We were sad to learn late yesterday that Ricardo Montalban had passed away. Montalban worked for over 60 years as an actor but most immediately think of him as either Fantasy Island‘s host Mr. Rourke, or, closer to our hearts, the irascible Khan Noonien Singh better known simply as KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

I can’t imagine anyone else giving Shatner a run for his money chewing up scenery in galaxy-sized chunks as Montalban did in the second Star Trek film and I must admit I’m a little bummed about his passing.

Farewell Mr. Montalban, the universe is a little emptier without you. Hope you’ve found your genuine soft Corinthian leather upholstered Chrysler Cordova in the sky.

One last look at Khan’s Last Breath

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