Great! You’ve killed the Invisible Swordsman!!

by Cap'n Carrot on January 26, 2009 · 2 comments

in Audio Visual,Film

Okay, I don’t really have a reason for posting this other than recent discussions with teh monkey and our pal Eric from Scene-Stealers. Here’s just one fun moment from Three Amigos; there are, of course, countless others. What’s your favorite?

Dusty Bottoms kills the Invisible Swordsman

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  • MavMurdoc

    Hahaha! Holy crap! I haven’t seen this movie in ages! This is actually my favorite scene from the movie, but I’ll have to go back and watch it again to make sure.

  • James Magid

    I particularly enjoy the dialogue between jefe and el guapo concerning whether or not he does in fact have a plethora of pinatas at his party.

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