Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye

by alphamonkey on January 20, 2009 · 8 comments

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Okay, some of us left the room after Obama’s speech, but our pal Eric told us we missed this nice moment of the crowd giving (now former) President George W. Bush the send-off he so richly deserves. Fast-forward to the 5:00 mark, sit back, and enjoy!

W. leaves office

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  • Rob

    As usual left wing liberals have no class, at least the Bush administration did not pull the O’s off all the keys or steal the china like the last democrat in the white house.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I like that it must be ‘left wing liberals’. As opposed to what? Right wing liberals?

  • Cap’n Carrot

    Yeah, because only “left wing liberals” were happy to see W. go. I’m willing to bet serious money there were at least a couple moderates, libertarians, those without any political aspirations or allegiances, and even (gasp!) conservatives, who would have sung along given the opportunity.

    And just weeks after Bush refused to let the President-elect stay in the traditional venue out of nothing more than spite, I’m not sure trying to play the “Republicans are above such tomfoolery” card is the wisest move.

  • gorlog

    As much as I hate the man, I have to say, Bush did cooperate in one of the smoothest transitions of power in the history of the presidency.

    So the scoreboard is:

    Positive acts of the Bush admin: 3… woops 4 with the transition.

    Negative acts of the Bush admin: 2,386

  • Johny Jacksonville

    You all should just grow up!

  • deacon

    So, “left wing liberals” singing a song that more than likely represents a common touch point for their generation is a sign of ‘no class’. Yet people at various McCain/Palin rallies throughout the campaign chanting “Kill Him! Kill Him!” in reference to Obama shows the true class of the ‘ruling party’ (at the time) which should be emulated? Oh, ok.

    How about, remove the rhetoric of ‘us’ vs ‘them’, Liberal vs. Conservative and move past the last 30 years of BS which has plagued American politics, turning us against one another to further the cause of a minority of people at the expense of the nation.

    Every President makes errors in judgement. Bush had his. So have various other Presidents throughout history. And, like Presidents many of us make our own errors in judgement as well. As long as we focus on the past we will not be able to move forward clearly. Learn from our mistakes, but lets not focus on them. You cannot drive down the freeway safely nor expediently while staring in the rearview mirror.

    As usual, we all tend to focus on the ‘issues’ which support our own world view at the greater expense of reality. George W. Bush is headed back to Texas. Barack H. Obama has taken up residence as the President of OUR country. Lets focus on that and move forward together. Or, we can just repeat the partisan backstabbing tomfoolery (love that word, thank you for putting that out there) which has been the hallmark specifically of the last 11 years of American history. Republican and Democrat alike. It is always easier to fix the blame than it is to fix the problem.

  • flarbas

    I refuse to let Rob define this conversation with the idea that it was “left wing liberals” who were chanting derisively at the former President. I daresay that after such a criminal job by the man, the chanting could be performed by any type of person in the crowd that can easily fall under the umbrella of “decent American”

  • .alphamonkey.

    Or say carbon-based, bipedal hominid.

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