Nazi Zombies! Run!!!

by alphamonkey on January 29, 2009 · 4 comments

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Okay, this is pretty funny. Some hackers in Austin, Texas actually found something useful for those roadside signs we all usually ignore. Two of the signs along busy intersections were changed to read “Zombies Ahead!,” “Zombies in the Area! Run,” “The End is Near!!!!!!!!!,” and “Nazi Zombies! Run!!!” Here’s the scoop from the local news team. And if driving through the Austin area be wareful of Nazi Zombies and remember to pack that zombie-thwacking cricket bat!

Nazi Zombies! Run!!!

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  • Advokat

    Always knew something funny was going on in Texas :p

  • Noted Internet Curmudgeon Ben Conover from Maine!

    “Some hackers in Texas actually found something USEFUL for those roadside signs we ALL usually ignore.”

    What precisely is USEFUL about that? Gorsh look at whut they done did to them that signs!! That is just hi-fucking-larious, I just shit and pissed my pants I was laughing so hard and drove off the road into a tree, killing my passenger.”

    Dude, Zombies and all things zombielike’s 15 minutes were up after Romero did Dawn of the Dead and that’s going on 25 years.

    But you seem to think that willfully committing felonies is fun and something to be laughed at.

    What a shocker that is, not.

  • No Leader

    Wow…. calm down guy.

    Theres more to life than fearing governmental reprimand

  • MathijsBuster

    I thought this was fun.
    It’s hardly life-threatening and things like this are just a welcome distraction from the boring daily slur of life in traffic.

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