The Comic Rack – Booster, G.I. Joe, & Mr. Tawny kicks ass!

by alphamonkey on January 15, 2009 · 1 comment

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Final Crisis #6 (of 7) – I’d say this series went off the rail awhile back but I’m not so sure it even started on the tracks. The latest issue gives us more battles, three Flashes, two Atoms, and the return of Batman (finally!), though the final panel doesn’t portend anything positive for the Dark Knight Detective. On the plus side the evil dominatrix Mary Marvel thing is over (again) at last, and the storyline is no more incomprehensible than any other from this all-changing DCU event. And Mr. Tawky Tawny (yeah, this Mr. Tawky Tawny) kicks some serious ass by taking down the son of Darkseid. That’s the power of Shazam, bitches!

alphamonkey sez: At the risk of further enraging a certain Mr. Mundy, I’m going to have to agree that Final Crisis has so far been a complete clusterfuck of epic proportions. However, I’ll give Jones credit for the last few pages of Final Crisis #6. The aforementioned Tawny-fueled beatdown, one seriously pissed off Superman, and Bats going apocalyptic on Kirby’s crag faced despot all come together to finally deliver the emotional payoff that’s so far been lacking in this event. Were it not for the fact that I deeply, deeply resent the fact that I’d have to buy a ton of really crappy tie-in comics to even get what’s going on in half this issue I’d be willing to say that it’s possible this issue was almost enough to change my mind about the entire series.


G.I. Joe #1 – What? No longer “Real American Heroes?” Chuck Dixon relaunches the title at it’s new home IDW Publishing (who is putting together a nice collection of titles, but still can’t seem to make a website that’s worth a damn). And when I say relaunches, I mean from the very beginning – meaning no one has ever heard of COBRA. Although this might give you a fresh take on the characters it also makes everyone seem a bit dim. I mean really, who hasn’t heard of COBRA? Kudos are in order for finding a way to sneak Shipwreck into the first issue. After all, as teh monkey muses, what’s a G.I. Joe comic without a salty seaman?


Booster Gold #16 – I have to admit being a fan of Booster Gold, both the character and the current comic (which is one of the few non-Final Crisis tie-ins, at least so far, meaning it makes sense). The latest issue finds our hero stuck in WWI having to deal with Enemy Ace and without a ticket home. Booster’s still chasing that strange knife through time and although we don’t gain any more insight on why the blade is so special, Booster does begin to wonder if he’s chasing the knife or the knife is leading him through time for some specific purpose. All-in-all an okay issue but nowhere near a must-read, though there’s is a nice lesson for Booster about saving someone in the past and how that might come back to bite you in the ass later on (which includes a nice moment for those who choose to pick this issue up).


Green Arrow & Black Canary #16 – “Enemies – Part One: Draw Back Your Bow” finds the Archer and his pretty bird taking on the black archer Merlyn who’s going around killing people with arrows because, um, well I’m sure there’s a reason. (Okay, the issue does go into detail about him being hired and then turning on his employer for more cash…zzzzz…um, sorry about that, feel asleep for a moment, now back to the review). Not much here of note except some nice arrow on arrow battle scenes. There’s also a game of Scrabble, a short appearance by Oracle, and Ollie makes friends with a cop?! (Say it ain’t so Ollie, say it ain’t so). And DC’s week of weird shocking final panels continues with the appearance of what Stephen King might refer to as Green Arrow’s biggest fan.

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