WiiWare Keeps Getting Better: Bit.Trip Beat

by Keanon on January 14, 2009 · 0 comments

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Check out this trailer for the upcoming Bit.Trip Beat title for Wii from Aksys Publishing:

Breakout meets Arkanoid meets Guitar Hero with some awesome retro-futurist graphics and music (which reminds me of Battles, if I may say so.)

The game’s name is fitting, too, given the “concept” description from Aksys’ site:

Everything comes from something.

We were before we became. From life comes rhythm, and from rhythm comes life.

We are beings of information.

Everything is a conduit for learning.

We communicate in bits and bytes.

And we will return to something once we become nothing.

After our BIT.TRIP is complete.

On the heels of the superb World of Goo from last year, the Wii’s pay-to-play downloadable content just keeps getting better.

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