Comic Rack – Red Sonja, Secret Six, Zorro & X-Men vs. Hulk

by alphamonkey on February 5, 2009 · 0 comments

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Red Sonja #41 – If I told you the whole issue was a campfire scene between Red Sonja and Osin you might be not be all the fired up to add this to your collection. What if I told you that the campfire tale told that night involved two armies of ninjas out to decapitate each other, battle-crazed cavewomen, and the mysterious history of a gem known as the “Blood Dynasty” which, if legend is true, was the first weapon ever used in battle? Sounds a little better, right? It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a look at this title but I must say I was impressed with the both storytelling (by Brian Reed) and the art (from Walter Giovanni) which make the simpler scenes between the two travelers sitting across the campfire just as interesting as the more action packed (and bloody) parts of the story. And it stars a beautiful woman in skimpy chain mail, so, you know, its got that going for it too.


Secret Six #6 – I’m not sure exactly why most of DC’s lesser titles have presented the better stories lately, but the formula holds true, even if this issue is a bit too much filler for my tastes. The “get out of Hell free” storyline continues with some background on the history of Jeannette and the betrayal of the team by one of their own. However the expected battle with Junior (*shudder*) never takes place, which is a bit of a letdown. Overall it’s still worth a look, but it lacks the punch (like Bane’s torture) from the last issue or the humor (Catman and Deadshot running into a convenience story robbery) from earlier in the series.


Zorro #10 – With the origin arc done, Matt Wagner continues a more basic Zorro tale complete with Diego acting like a buffoon for the benefit of his father, his first meeting with the more grown-up Lolita Pulido, and a little Zorro-on-soldier action. Very much classic Zorro storytelling here, although I’ll admit I’d like Wagner to pull back a tad on Diego’s public buffoonery which could get tiresome in almost no time at all. Ten issues in and I’m still hanging around so he must be doing something right.


X-Men vs. Hulk #1 – If you’ve ever wanted to see Colossus get his butt handed to him by the Hulk this issue’s for you. If not… This one, despite some okay action, is a little disappointing. It doesn’t help that there’s really not much here in the way of set-up and the moral of the tale is delivered with all the delicacy of big green himself. Still, it’s nice to know the X-Men’s costumes include pockets which they can keep easily accessible cash to bet on the outcome when they purposely put one of their own in mortal danger. And knowing is half the…no, that’s a different comic.

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