Comic Rack – Robin, and Avengers both New and Mighty

by alphamonkey on February 26, 2009 · 1 comment

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New Avengers 50

New Avengers #50 – Yes! The entire issue is the team’s reaction (and sheer disbelief) to Norman Osborne’s announcement of his new team of Dark Avengers. Great stuff including Spidey hitting a serious groove with his comic quips about the team, Osborne, Venom, and Wolverine’s sex life. If Spidey was currently written this well in his own title I might not be ignoring him so much these days. Even Luke Cage gets in on the action with his take on the absence of Dr. Strange. And if you want some hero on villain violence there’s also a serious beat-down battle with the Hood and his gang out for revenge in the second half, too. Well worth picking up!


Robin #183 – Yeah, so this one’s from last week, but, it’s so good I have to include it here. The final issue finds Tim Drake coming to terms with his new role as Gotham’s main protector, making hard choices concerning his personal relationships and stepping up huge against after he’s called-out by Lady Shiva. I’m really sad to see this title go. I know Robin will have a big role in the upcoming Battle for the Cowl, but this series was really hitting its stride. If you didn’t pick it up last week you’ll want to make sure to look for it today.

Mighty Avengers 22

Mighty Avengers #22 Let’s see, Quicksilver‘s been possessed by Chthon and the spirit of the Scarlet Witch has brought together a ragtag band of Avengers to stop the whole planet from going to hell (sounds a little too Defenders-ish too me). The team includes Hank Pym, Hercules, Stature, the Vision, and US Agent. Oh yeah, and both Iron Man and the Hulk (yeah, don’t see any problems there!) As the witch tries to get the team to get along Shellhead and big Green beat the crap out of each other which concludes off-panel. Definitely the lesser of the Avenger titles this week. Nice cover though.

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  • Kevin I

    That New Avenger’s #50 was jam packed with one of my favorite Marvel running jokes too: The joke that the reader knows more about the Marvel universe then the characters in it, like Spidey talking about the Scorpion and Iron Fist asking who that is, Ms. Marvel asking who the Hood was (He’s the guy over there in the Hood) etc. That will never get old to me.

    Also, I’m done with Mighty Avengers. I didn’t like the line-up and figured I’d give it an issue to get through to me and it was just so….boring!

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