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by alphamonkey on February 19, 2009 · 0 comments

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Amazing Spider-Man #587 – Spidey goes to jail. In terms of action this one’s pretty lightweight. In terms of story, however, we get a look how far someone charged with upholding the law will bend it for their own purposes. There’s some nice stuff here, mainly between the dirty cops framing ol’ Web-Head, but there’s also some head-scratching plot-wise. The judge lets Spidey keep his mask? (I know that would have ramifications if ruled otherwise, but it’s not like they haven’t gotten out of Spidey unmasked before, right?) And the cops, even the dirty ones respect this? Oh well, Spidey’s book has been far from perfect for years so asking for a little thought and consistency is probably too much to ask at this point.


Justice League #30 – The Shadow Thief? Really? This is the best villain you can get for this title? Overall it’s not a bad issue, but there’s really no reason to pick it up either. Writer Dwayne McDuffie also needs to temper down Red Arrow’s jealousy over Kendra’s relationship with Hawkman (which is a major focus in both the story and the “Origin & Omens” add-on at the end). If you want me to take Speedy seriously (and stop calling him Speedy) try and write him like he’s older than 16. And can we please get the continuity straight – Batman is dead, but wait, he’s alive in this issue! Seriously DC, did you do any plotting to plan ahead to try and prevent these problems? It’s not like ol’ Bats is necessary to this story, so why include him?


Uncanny X-Men #506 – Emma Frost has bad dreams, Cyclops worries, Colossus saves a crate-load of Russian women from a fate worse than death, and Angel and Beast search for a scientist…oh who cares, this issue has GODZILLA! Admit it, that’s pretty damn cool!

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