Ominous Knife

by Just Plain Bob on February 27, 2009

in Comics!

So, Webcomics may be one of my favorite things on earth. In fact, I’ve always harbored a secret desire with a friend of mine that we’d one day create our own.. All we needed was to find someone who could draw it for us.

ominous knife

Well, turns out that last April, two of my other friends beat us to the bunch. Thus, they’ve created Ominous Knife, a relatively new comic that quite literally brings to life their friendship. Maybe my fascination with it is how faithfully they portray the actual conversations they’ve had, and the fact that I can recognize their cameo characters (although I’ve yet to appear. Hmph.) but regardless, the wit and seemingly bottomless supply of obscure references to geek culture will keep any child of the 80s or 90s nerd scene coming back for more.

The discussions that take place beneath each comic are half the fun, so be sure not to miss them.
Just… Don’t mention Lost. Please.

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