Super-villain of the week: Calendar Man

by Cap'n Carrot on February 17, 2009 · 4 comments

in Comics!

Joker? Penguin? Nah. Today we give you something special. Like many of the Bat-villains Calendar Man suffers from an uncontrollable urge compelling him to commit crimes based on his unusual compulsion. Much like Two-Face’s need for crimes involving the number two or the Riddler’s insistence on giving Batman clues to his crimes, all of Calendar Man’s crimes take place or revolve around important dates, seasons, and holidays. Over the years he’s worn a few different costumes (including and armored suit and once dressing as Odin), but none compare to this one.


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  • Kela

    What a crappy villian. Lol. No wonder I’ve never heard of him before. xD

  • alphamonkey

    He’s pretty crappy. However he’s at the heart of one of the better Batman arcs of the last fifteen years: The Long Halloween (albeit in a less Disco Duck-esque costume).

    • Cap’n Carrot

      Why do you hate awesome?

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