The Future is Now! (Some Sunday Morning Internet Sausage)

by Just Plain Bob on February 22, 2009 · 1 comment

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So our proprietor, Alpha, may harbor dire concerns about what technology will bring with it. But I, for one, welcome the future with open arms, and Bacon Salt is the chief reason why. Their tag line is “Everything should taste like bacon.” You had me at hello, buddy.

Bacon Salt is exactly what you think it is. A seasoning you apply to foods, any foods at all, that will make them taste like bacon. Of their multiple flavors, not a single one has meat in it… though I”m not sure if I’ve decided that’s a good thing or not. AND it’s kosher!

Seeing as I’ve long held to the opinion that all forms of food are merely Bacon-Delivery Devices, this is a drastic step in the direction of convenience and Ease-of-Bacon-Consumption for me.  The only thing I can conceive of that might be easier is a bacon flavored spread – yeah. They have that. It’s called Baconnaise. BACONNAISE.


Somewhere between their Bacon Blog and Operation Bacon Salt (“An initiative to provide Bacon Salt to the men and women serving overseas in foreign conflicts,”) these guys got their marketing ducks all in a row. Silly product, and yet, I want it so bad it hurts deep inside.

So, c’mon, Alpha. So what if we’ll all have microchips implanted into our hearts so our robot masters can blow us up if we ever try to escape?
As least we’ll have bacon.

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  • Chef Bryan

    Amen to that.

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