The "I Can Read Movies" Series

by alphamonkey on February 9, 2009 · 1 comment

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There Can Be Only ONE!From Spacesick comes one of the best little re-mash art projects I’ve seen in a while: Mocking up an entire series of covers for film novelizations aimed at young readers, circa 1966. In addition to an absolutely wonderful visual style, each cover conveys something iconic about the film (some obvious, some not). I’m really adoring these right now.

Check out The “I Can Read Movies” Series. I heartily recommend taking a moment to look around at the rest of the site (and his Flickr page). There’s a whole hell of a lot of awesome to be seen.

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    These are really sweet. Although it’s not as imaginative compared to some of the others, the Close Encounters one is cool enough to make me want to put it up on my wall.

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