Toilets of the World

by mr sparkle on February 17, 2009 · 0 comments

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No, that is an actual toilet.  I used it at the Vatican.I’m spending three months in Europe right now. Obviously, it’s a blast; but there are plenty of small fears nipping at me. Chief among them – bathrooms. Toilets are crazy different here, and I never long for the Red, White and Blue more than when I try to push the stubborn flush button (yeah, it’s a button) in my apartment.

So it’s with much relief that I found, a seeming database for toilet standards around the world. Here, you’ll find data on all sorts of different toilets in different countries. Collected criteria includes Shape (sitting or squatting), How to Clean Up (by paper or water) or, my favorite, How it Disappears (falls into hole). Clearly, this site’s best use is as a resource of potty humor. And yes, friends, the pun was most definitely intended.

This is an actual toilet I used it at the Vatican.

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