March 2009

I’m posting this for alphamonkey who found it this morning but has been too busy with meetings to share with y’all. Well, he says meetings, but I’m wondering what happened to all the office interns, what all that screaming was about, who the guy was in the purple robes and wizard hat with the boxes of scented candles, and why there’s blood dripping from the walls of the conference room? It’s probably nothing to be concerned about.

Anywho, enjoy this pretty darn good Watchmen / Futurama mash-up!


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G'night Lorne

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Sad news Angel fans, actor Andy Hallett, better known to Whedonites as the empathic aura-reading Lorne (aka Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan), karaoke bar owner and entertainer extraordinaire, passed away on Sunday at the age of 33 due to heart failure. This really bums me out.

Andy Hallett R.I.P.

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As if Mr. Rogers wasn’t creepy enough before. From 30 Minutes of Madness comes this disturbing look at Mr. Rogers and what happens when he puts on his clown mask.

Mr. Rogers the Clown

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Enjoy this mock-up of Star Wars recut as the intro for a Dallas-style TV-show. Kudos go out to YouTube’s kalleanka71 for creating this small nugget of awesome, nicely done! And if this isn’t enough Star Wars fun for you check out his Airwolf-style intros for both the Rebellion and the Empire.

Star Wars Dallas Opening

Credit to Boing Boing for finding this little gem in the netheregions of the internets

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Cupid deja vu

by alphamonkey on March 31, 2009

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ABC is premiering a sorta new show tonight, Cupid. Bobby Cannavale stars as either: 1) a crazy person with delusions of grandeur, or 2) the Roman god of love sent to earth as punishment. To earn his way off this mortal plane he must connect 100 couples, that is if the court appointed psychiatrist (Sarah Paulson) can’t convince him he’s a whackjob first and give up his delusion.

If that all sounds familiar that’s because Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshall starred in the exact same show, Cupid, back in 1998. Both shows were created by Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars). Although the original only aired 14 episodes before getting the axe, the show did include some fun moments due mainly to Piven’s manic energy and the chemistry between the show’s stars. Before disappearing for a decade the show did produce one terrific episode and a handful of loyal fans still waiting for a DVD release. Guess a remake will have to do.

Cupid premieres (again) tonight at 10:00/9:00 (Eastern/Central) on ABC.

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congo 1995Today’s user-submitted Top 10 list comes from a man who had way too much time on his hands in the 1990s. I’ve been told by Ryan Magnuson that the awful movies that make up his Top 10 list of unintentional comedies are very, very familiar to him. He’s seen each of them way more than twice and he keeps returning to them for their unintended camp value.

These 10 films represent the decade of the 90s at its worst and most cliched. Or is that best and most funny? It takes a special kind of movie to induce enough laughter on repeated viewings and, according to Ryan, these movies do exactly that. If you have your own idea for a Top 10, email me at! In the meantime, enjoy Ryan’s list of the Top 10 Unintentional Comedies of the 90s.

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Who knew? Click here or on the pic below to enjoy the video.


Make your own vid over at

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Cool? Admittedly yes, but if tigers have developed this technology humanity is screwed.

Wow that's kinda cool...wait, is he looking at me? AGGGGHHHH!

For the actually story, which also involves polar bears in life vests, click here

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Even though LOLcats over-saturated the internet and lost its funny a long time ago, nothing could make me tired of watching cat videos on YouTube. Case in point – the below video, of a feline emitting a mutant cry that sounds more like a child gargling salt water than a cat meowing. Actually, the sound is so weird it seems like it could provide more than enough new material for a new David Lynch movie. Blue Velvet: The Legend of Chun-Li, anyone?

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I spent a good part of Sunday at the Overland Park International Trade Center for Planet Comicon 2009 soaking up the comic nerdy goodness. I was one of many who came out hours following Saturday’s ice/snow storm to make the journey including a group dressed as the Crimebusters (or as Zack Snyder insisted on calling them, Watchmen). Big props to the group for staying with the original graphic novel look of the characters. During my trek around the convention center I saw a couple friends, and even ran into old ‘buddha pal Zolarczakl, waved at Peter “Chewbacca Mayhew, encountered the fattest Boba Fett ever, and respectfully oogled the former Playboy Playmates and the beautiful local Supergirl (it was the least I could do). I also picked up some goodies including what I rated as the third most awesome item available, a couple of action figures, some 1/2-priced graphic novels, and sat down for an hour with the lovely Erin Gray who talked about getting started in the business, her favorite Buck Rogers episode (see below), and even took the time to teach us all a little Tai Chi. So… how did you spend your weekend?

Erin Gray’s favorite Buck Rogers episode

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