Comic Rack – New Avengers, Cmmr. Gordon, Oracle, & Skaar

by alphamonkey on March 26, 2009 · 0 comments

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Went independent last week. This week back to the big two…


New Avengers #51 – Half of the issue involving Doctor Strange’s search for the next Sorcerer Supreme and the other half is the Avengers sitting around talking. Want to guess which half is better? Once again the action scenes from this series are consistently taking a back seat to some great scenes of the “World’s Greatest Heroes” simply talking to each other. Great stuff between Jessica Jones and Peter Parker (Coma Girl?!) with funny reactions by Luke Cage and Logan thrown-in. I’m really digging how these series has that old-school Spider-Man feel mixing serious problems with a fair amount of whimsy and fun.


Battle for the Cowl: Commissioner Gordon (one-shot) – Bat-books without Batman continue. This one-shot features Gordon and the Gotham PD taking on Mister Freeze in an attempt to thwart his latest mad plan of freezing part of the city and killing thousands. On one hand it’s nice to see Gordon stand-up to a Gotham looney like Freeze. On the other, however, it’s missing Batman and although it’s supposed to be a Battle for the Cowl tie-in, aside from references to Bat’s absences, it feels too much like a self-contained tale and less part of a broader comic event. Yes, Gordon learns he can do things on his own in this issue, but did he (our us) really need a full comic to learn that lesson? A curiosity, but not much more.


Battle for the Cowl: Oracle – The Cure #1 (of 3) – Speaking of unnecessary Batman tie-ins… So what do writter by Kevin VanHook and artists Don Kramer and Jay Leisten have in store for us in the first issue of this new three-issue mini-series? We get a fetishized prolonged look at a naked parapalegic and death by the Internet. Even the cover by Guillem March feels a tad too Zalman King. And can someone tell me when Barbara Gordon became DC’s resident sex kitten? Yeah… Thanks for making me feel skeezy reading a Batman comic book.


Skaar – Son of Hulk #9 – My thoughts exactly (looking at the pic above). I’ve stayed away from this title; I simply had no interest. When I learned this issue has the Silver Surfer (and I do love me some Norrin Radd) I decided to give it a shot. Yeah, I’m done with that.

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