Comic Rack – Sherlock & Kolchak, G.l. Joe/Cobra, and Hotwire

by alphamonkey on March 19, 2009 · 0 comments

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Going independent this week…


Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak the Night Stalker #1 – Okay, that’s an unusual pairing. The new comic from Moonstone begins with Carl Kolchak getting an unsolved case from a beautiful woman involving the death of her ancestor. Most of the comic however takes place in a flashback involving a case of murder brought to the attention of Sherlock Holmes concerning an obviously innocent dock worker with a mysterious past. The man has confessed to a crime he did not commit in order to hide his current activities. As a Holmes fan, and admittedly not that knowledgeable about Kolchak (wasn’t a fan of either the old nor the shortly-lived redux version), I was happy to see the majority of this first issue focused on the London detective. I’m not sure exactly how the later storyline with Kolchak will be woven into this tale (as it seems Holmes would have had to miss something – parish the thought!). I’m also not quite sold on the big fight sequence at the end of the issue which in which Holmes appears to be channeling Steven Seagal. More than anything else, the issue is a curiosity. If yours is piqued go ahead and pick it up, but it’s not a must read.


G.I. JOE/COBRA #1 – There’s an undercover G.I.JOE agent named Chuckles. Well, you learn something new every day. And, after all, that’s half the battle. Did I mention he’s clad in a Hawaiian shirt? I’m not sure how I will handle the waiting until they release his action figure. I guess I’ll have to struggle through somehow. Regular first-issue set-up stuff here. Half the issue is Chuckles talking across a table with a Cobra agent hoping to make in-roads into the super-secret terrorist organization. It’s not ’til halfway through before we finally get flashbacks helping to explain the character and how he earned this assignment. Not great, but it’s pretty good. The art is okay, and it’s certainly an improvement over G.I. JOE #1 and, I’ll admit, the final panel is pretty cool.


Hotwire: Requiem for the Dead #1 & 2 – I missed the first issue of this four-issue mini-series so I’m catching up with both today. Radical Comics hasn’t done much to impress me so far (I thought the first issue of Calibur was okay, but not enough to stick with it), but a little Warren Ellis goes a long way. The series centers around surgically enhanced Detective Exorcist Alice Hotwire and her ongoing battle with the mysterious Blue-Light which causes ghosts to appear around the city. If you are still reading… Okay, it’s better than it sounds, and even if it is a little crazy (it is an Ellis book) there’s certainly fun to be had. I also like the painted art by Steve Pugh and the style of the book. And any comic with exploding possessed homeless people, where cops put zombies in interrogation rooms, and where the heroine is allowed to scream out “Cocking Hell!” while being attacked by a gang of crazies, can’t be all bad.

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