Ever been car jacked by a monkey?

by alphamonkey on March 24, 2009 · 4 comments

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monkey-car-jackingThen maybe you need to visit South Africa. Okay, so roving baboons breaking into cars searching for food might not be the ideal tourism promotion…

Wait. What am I saying? This is awesome!

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  • Mike

    While in South Africa a few years ago, we saw a Baboon grab a woman?s purse, dump out the contents, and then eat her chewing gum piece by piece. The baboon actually was removing the gum wrapping prior to eating the gum. Of course the woman was freaked because she couldn’t get near her stuff, which included her passport, without the baboon showing his very impressive pointy teeth. The park ranker showed up and chased the baboon away (with fresh minty breath).

    Very impressive, and a bit scary.

  • Rhiannon Sawhney

    Well, not really so awesome. They have become a big problem in India too. While I was narrowly crossing a suspension bridge (and stupidly pulling out a piece of fruit) over the Ganges River, one climbed up on the cables and gnashed its teeth at me, not allowing me to pass. It was very scary. A kind (big) local happened to be carrying a big stick and waved it around; otherwise, the fruit, and possibly a couple of fingers, would have been forfeit.

    • Bruce

      I bet it was in Rishikesh. I can see it now: the bridge, the monkeys on the rails and cables, the flow of humanity. What a wondrous place !

  • http://www.keislerauto.com/index.php?/gm/gm-parts-and-accessories/bellhousings.html Cameron

    I actually find this really amusing. I live in California, so I’ve never had any crossings with baboons, BUT at the beach I’ve had seagulls steal my peanut butter and jelly sandwich AND a bag of chips!

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