Out of the way spring break locales

by alphamonkey on March 13, 2009 · 4 comments

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Let’s face it, how many times can you go to Canun for spring break? Six, seven tops? In the mood for something different but not sure where to go? Don’t fret dear reader as I have compiled a small list of out of the way vacation spots for the intrepid traveler.


Degobah – Are you the adventurous sort who loves spending time within the raw beauty of nature? Then do we have the destination for you! We’ll whisk you away to the Degobah Inn and Spa where you can enjoy the musky climate, seaweed wraps, local flora and fauna, and plenty of trees for the little ones to climb. Must-see locations include the former home of a Jedi Master (within hiking distance) and a cave you can experience a 100% believable hallucinogenic experience of killing your father (only to discover it’s actually you)! Due to the playful and curious nature of the local wildlife swimming is the marsh is discouraged.


Altair IV – Like solitude but not into spending time in a swamp? Not to fear! Travel to the beautiful stark planet of Altair IV where you will be housed in the futuristic home of Dr. Edward Morbius and your every whim will be fulfilled by the amazing robot host Robbie. And if you’re an archeology buff spend time exploring the near-infinite alien underground city of the Krell, test you intelligence on the brain-boost (at your own risk), and spend some time getting to know your subconscious mind better than you ever dreamt possible!


Deep Thought – Still not quite what you were looking for? For a slightly larger fee we can whisk you off to the hidden planet at the edge of the galaxy which hosts one of the universe’s true wonders – the computer known as Deep Thought. Spend your nights with the monks who worship and take care of the uptake of the great computer, and while away the daytime hours in lines with other first-class travelers for the chance to ask a question to the all-knowing machine and discover the truth about life, the universe, and everything. *NO REFUNDS!


Townsville – Not cheerful enough for you? How about a trip to the city of Townsville! A community where random acts of kindness are an everyday occurrence and warm fuzzy smiles grace the faces of everyone you meet. This quaint little burg is home to numerous cute woodland creators, a beautiful skyline, an occasionally active volcano, a state-of-the-art observatory, a kindly old mayor, and is the known base of operations for the world’s cutest super-heroes, The Powerpuff Girls. *Not responsible for monster attacks which occur during your vacation. **Visitors are urged to stay away from monkeys with over-sized brains.


Gallifrey – One of the most unique experienes ever offered! Travel to the far reaches of the universe the constellation of Kasterborous to the home of the legendary Time Lords. Although the race was wiped out in the last Time War (though their are rumors of a sole survivor traveling around time and space in a police box, but who believes those?) the planet remains and is the perfect destination for the distinguished traveler. Spend your days walking through the ancient amber cities under the burnt orange skies. Travel through the red grass plains and up into the shining mountains. And tour the remains of the Citadel of the Time Lords learning about the past of this remarkable race. And for those in the mood for blood sport, the Death Zone may provide many hours of fun (or minutes, depending on how long you can last against Daleks, Cybermen, and the like).


Club JLI – Want an exotic vacation, but can’t spare the cost of space travel? Our budget package will take you by cruise line to the beautiful hidden island of Kooey Kooey Kooey in the South Pacific. Bask in the temperate climate, lush beaches, and breathtaking beauty of the surroundings before you’re whisked away to the Club JLI Hotel and Casino started by Justice Leaguers Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Enjoy your deluxe suite and hob-nob with super-heroes such as Gnort the Green Lantern in the casino! *We are not responsible for any super-villain activity that may occur during your stay, or anything G’nort may say, or do, to you or your loved ones.

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  • Gorlog

    I am too intimidated by Altair 4, my brain is way too small. I’d be leaning towards Townsville, but have you considered The Village? You can go anywhere you want… in The Village.

  • http://www.transbuddha.com Cap’n Carrot

    The Village, damn, that was so good it should have thought of it! Nicely played sir. And who wouldn’t want to play a game of Kosho?

  • Gorlog

    As long as I don’t have to face Number 2 I’d try me some Kosho.

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