The Mash-Up to End All Mash-Ups?

by mr sparkle on March 20, 2009 · 2 comments

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I spend more time on my computer than I should, but this guy makes me look like an elderly man who thinks an iMac is a promotional sandwich at McDonalds. Kutiman, as he calls himself, has infiltrated the tra-gillions of YouTube footage of dudes just playing music, and mashed it all up into a Music Video EP called ThruYOU. The most miraculous thing is that he’s arranged legitimate songs out of all these parts, and they sound damn good. Check it out, if only to have your mind blown to a bunch of tiny, gooey pieces.

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  • Truly

    This is just flat out awesome. His whole page is amazing.

  • Matthew

    Holy crap. This guy needs to be reaching as big of an audience as possible. That shit is off the hook!

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