Top 10 Tuesday – Worst of the 90s reconsidered!

by Eric Melin on March 31, 2009 · 0 comments

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congo 1995Today’s user-submitted Top 10 list comes from a man who had way too much time on his hands in the 1990s. I’ve been told by Ryan Magnuson that the awful movies that make up his Top 10 list of unintentional comedies are very, very familiar to him. He’s seen each of them way more than twice and he keeps returning to them for their unintended camp value.

These 10 films represent the decade of the 90s at its worst and most cliched. Or is that best and most funny? It takes a special kind of movie to induce enough laughter on repeated viewings and, according to Ryan, these movies do exactly that. If you have your own idea for a Top 10, email me at! In the meantime, enjoy Ryan’s list of the Top 10 Unintentional Comedies of the 90s.

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