April 2009

This isn’t exactly the post I set out to write, but I did notice a common theme with the books I glanced through this week…


Ms. Marvel #38 – Moonstone starts her new life as the one-and-only Ms. Marvel in this issue. After killing a squad of would-be armored car robbers (to the adoration of the public) she sits down for some unorthodox therapy. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well for her psychiatrist. I’ll admit I like Karla Sofen in this new role and if Carol Danvers is truly gone for good I hope this title keeps going after the end Dark Reign. After all, some of the most interesing comics around center around psychopaths (just look at The Secret Six and Betty & Veronica).

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Our top 10 this week deals with my favorite of all the Star Trek shows: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The only one of the franchise to take place in a station (the show also premiered about the same time as Babylon 5), DS9 dealt with the same Star Trek universe, but from a different perspective. Yes there was exploration, but as much of it was internal as trips through space. Although the show gets too war-centric towards the end it’s got characters, personalities, and general conflicts which make it worth sticking out for the long haul. It was hard to whittle my list down to ten, and I had to do a small bit of cheating to accomplish it, but here, in my opinion, is the best of DS9

10. Equilibrium & FacetsIt’s in this pair of episodes that Dax’s past, and the nature of what it means to be a Trill, are discussed and delved into. In “Equilibrium” Jadzia begins to remember hidden memories of a former host, and in “Facets” all of her former hosts temporarily take possession of one of the DS9 crew (including a disturbing scene with Quark, and some memorable moments with Odo). Here we’re given brief moments to look into the past of this character we see only as Jadzia (well, at least until Ezri shows up in Season 7).

Bashir: “Nobody said life is fair.”
Jadzia: “Even if you had seven of them.”

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And with the third pick in the 2009 Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select…


And if you liked that you’ll want to check out the rest of the 2009 NFL Movie Character Mock Draft from the good folks at Remember the Sonics! (Could the Raider’s choice at #7 be any more perfect?)

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wolverine 2009Have you seen “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”? Advance screenings are popping up this week at the same time that director Gavin Hood has revealed that the movie has multiple “easter egg” endings. These happen after the credits are finished, and reports on the Web so far indicate that there are at least three different ones, but probably more.

Which one did you see? Weigh in here and let us know where you live and which ending you saw. We’ll even try to catalog the endings as the inevitably become pirated and end up on the Internet.

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The final episode of the season for Chuck aired on Monday, but with the show on the bubble will it be the final episode of the series? I’ll admit, despite the ridiculous premise of a Best Buy Buy More employee stuck with a super-computer in his brain, I’ve really dug the show in no small part to Zachary Levi’s charm and the beautiful yet deadly agent Sarah Walker played Yvonne Strahovski. Yeah, and a little Adam Baldwin doesn’t hurt either. You can check out the series finale below, which does quite a bit to wrap-up lose-ends as well as promise something new for a possible third season. If you’d like to voice your opinion for the show’s return there are currently two campaigns, one on Twitter the other on Facebook, attempting to persuade NBC to bring the show back for at least one more year. I, for one, hope we haven’t seen the last of Mr. Bartowski.

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More Trek? Yeah, but mixing in a little Star Wars love with this one. Here’s the Shat’s opening monologue and performance of “My Way” (complete with dancing stormtroopers) from the AFI Tribute to George Lucas. It’s Shatastic!

William Shatner’s Tribute to George Lucas

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Soooo dreamyYou’ll have to wait until Friday for my full-on review (once again on-camera with Scene-Stealers Eric), but let me get this out of the way: As a comic nerd, I’m used to disappointment when it comes to Hollywood. After watching Wolverine, all I can say is: No matter how I’m disappointed, at least I’m not a D&D nerd. Because ho, boy does Hollywood dole out the disappointment in fist-sized doses for their films.

Upside: Hugh Jackman’s in it! Seriously, folks…he’s just hot. Get over it.

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Labelscar – the Mall Blog

by mr sparkle on April 28, 2009

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kyova-mall-05If you’re like me, and, well okay, you’re probably not like me; but if you are, you’ll love the Mall documenting blog Labelscar. The Blog, run by a couple of dudes criss-crossing the nation, writes up a short piece on malls – mostly dead ones – around the country that includes its history and photos.

Sounds weird, but if nothing else it can be appreciated as a reflection of American consumerism. The dead malls that used to be packed with shoppers and name-brand logos are barely occupied if at all anymore, usually for petty reasons like it’s slightly out-dated decor; adding a sense of mortality to the ones one that are thriving.

Now that I’m done trying to sound smart and analytical about the American economy, Transbuddha will shortly return to its regularly scheduled programming of Venezuelan disco sex music and other assorted garbage.

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There’s a reason Americans very suddenly hate Nicholas Cage, and it’s not because of his hair from Bangkok Dangerous (okay, that too.)

The real reason we’re fed up with the Coppola in disguise? He’s not making any amazing commercials for the United States of Us. Click ‘play’ below to see what we’ve been missing.

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I can’t imagine why J.J. Abrams turned this one down.


And if you think that’s cool, check out the side view! Okay, so it’s not really a design for the new film. It’s actually part of the Star Trek Enterprise Art Model Project, which you can find more about at CyanaTrend.Land. You can check out all the other entries here. You know you want to.

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