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by mr sparkle on April 28, 2009 · 0 comments

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kyova-mall-05If you’re like me, and, well okay, you’re probably not like me; but if you are, you’ll love the Mall documenting blog Labelscar. The Blog, run by a couple of dudes criss-crossing the nation, writes up a short piece on malls – mostly dead ones – around the country that includes its history and photos.

Sounds weird, but if nothing else it can be appreciated as a reflection of American consumerism. The dead malls that used to be packed with shoppers and name-brand logos are barely occupied if at all anymore, usually for petty reasons like it’s slightly out-dated decor; adding a sense of mortality to the ones one that are thriving.

Now that I’m done trying to sound smart and analytical about the American economy, Transbuddha will shortly return to its regularly scheduled programming of Venezuelan disco sex music and other assorted garbage.

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