Comic Rack – Babe Edition (plus Bullseye makes a funny!)

by alphamonkey on April 30, 2009 · 0 comments

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This isn’t exactly the post I set out to write, but I did notice a common theme with the books I glanced through this week…


Ms. Marvel #38 – Moonstone starts her new life as the one-and-only Ms. Marvel in this issue. After killing a squad of would-be armored car robbers (to the adoration of the public) she sits down for some unorthodox therapy. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well for her psychiatrist. I’ll admit I like Karla Sofen in this new role and if Carol Danvers is truly gone for good I hope this title keeps going after the end Dark Reign. After all, some of the most interesing comics around center around psychopaths (just look at The Secret Six and Betty & Veronica).


Red Sonja #43 – You know I tried to follow this story about a sea monster destoying a town, which our heroine summoned by the way, which happens to have a demon lady inside it’s belly, but I kept getting distracted. I wonder why?


Batman – Battle for the Cowl: The Underground – Okay, this one has it’s share of eye-candy too (aside from Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy both make appearances), but it’s actually one of the few this week that had a pretty good story. This one-shot takes a look at Gotham’s descent into madness from the criminal, or underground, perspective. I like the version of Catwoman we’re given here as she tries to do honor to Batman’s memory while at the same time understanding the futility of her actions and wanting nothing more than to slink home (and that’s before she runs into Jason Todd). Add in an intriguing story involving the Riddler, plus a pretty funny cameo from Harley, and you’ve got me bummed that this is only a one-shot. Here’s a comic I could enjoy, at least for a few months.


Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil #4 – This has been a fun little series, even if at times the plotline hasn’t exactly kept me on the edge of my seat. The conclusion features which/psychic vampire Selene (yet another super-babe, and this one’s all leathered-up!) and Dr. Doom getting his fondest wish. Although the wish itself should work for younger readers, which the series seems geared towards, the rest of us may chuckle more at the book than with it. Still, the reaction of both Selene and Princess Python afterwards makes it work and ends the four-issue mini-series on a humorous note.


Jungle Girl Season 2 #4 – Okay, so this came out last week. Since it fit so well with the theme (and I didn’t get to it last week) I slotted it in here. Our heroine deals with a small army of whackjobs and undersea monsters…oh who cares, doesn’t she look great in that leopard-print bikini?


Dark Avengers #4 – Okay, that’s funny. As good as this one moment is, the rest of the issue, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I like these characters, but the whole Morgan le Fey storyline didn’t do much for me. Still, this moment was pretty good. Oh, and the final page on the fate of the Sentry is pretty damn strong too (and no, I’m not going to spoil it for you, go pick this issue up!).

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