Comic Rack – Battle for the Cowl, Secret Six, & Booster Gold

by Cap'n Carrot on April 8, 2009 · 0 comments

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All DC this week…


Battle for the Cowl #2 (of 3) – What do we get in issue #2? Two Batman, neither being Dick Grayson, beat the crap out of each other. Although I like part deux, I’m a little sad that they’ve decided to paint Jason Todd as so vicious and unredeemable without a single bit of wiggle room. In this issue he shoots Damian point blank and leaves Tim Drake to slowly bleed to death. Halfway through this comic you know Todd can’t be the next Batman. I’m not saying it was likely he was ever going to be, but the way he’s portrayed drastically limits the options of where the story can go from here. I like the character and it seems like the way things are going it will be awful hard to use him for anything in the future except perhaps as a recurring villain. My other major qualm has to do with the “moment of realization” for Dick Grayson as to his destiny which lacks even the subtlety of Zack Snyder. That said, the issue still works pretty well (though Catwoman gets knocked out pretty damn easy) and Tim Drake (turns out he’s the one walking around in the Bronze Age Batsuit) learns why you should never pick a fight with a guy the Joker beat within an inch of his life with a crowbar. Worth picking up, but not as good as it could have been.


The Secret Six #8 – A nice low-key issue featuring two pairs of people you wouldn’t be caught dead with on a double-date. Deadshot steals the issue (although the final pages of Ragdoll’s fevered dreams come close) when he tries to drown a punk in a urinal (something I fear has been lacking from Action Comics). Not much Catman in this issue (sigh), but with Deadshot center stage there’s plenty of antics to enjoy.


Booster Gold #19 – Twice as much Booster seems to inversely effect the fun of this issue. Yeah, the moments between the pair are okay, and it’s fun to compare current Booster with the hero he once was (and the character always works best with someone, especially Ted Kord, to play off), but this epilogue to the recent story arc feels too much like an epilogue without much weight of its own. Also, I’m not too sure that I like where the storyline involving Booster’s sister is headed. Guess every issue can’t be a winner. Here’s hoping Booster flies higher next month.

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