Comic Rack – Green Arrow, Captain America, Cobra, & Spidey

by alphamonkey on April 16, 2009 · 0 comments

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Green Arrow/Black Canary #19 – Ok, Dinah Lance is my kind of woman. Green Arrow and his pretty bird deal with the lovesick, and very crazy, Cupid who loves Ollie so much she’s willing to kill him. Although I’m not thrilled with the art in the issue which seems to fluctuate wildly in quality it’s a fun enough tale (with some dark foreshadowing at the end). Plus it includes a short bonus Animal Man (YAH!) story at the end. Worth picking up, but I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of Cupid, at least for awhile.


Captain America #49 – The entire issue is a Sharon Carter story, and man is this bitch fucked up! Even though Cap’n Bucky doesn’t make so much as a cameo this issue’s definitely worth picking up. In many ways the story plays out like a demented “This is Your Life” as the herione’s crappy existence goes increasingly downhill as she begins to remember even more worse events from her past than the ones which were already giving her nightmares. Not a fun read but a quality one.


G.I.Joe/Cobra #2 – Chuckles, ladies man. Okay, so it’s not all fun and games from the Joe’s new #1 undercover agent (like, say for instance, the transmitter they drilled into his head!), but c’mon there’s worse assignments than this! I wonder if this raven-haired beauty (the one on the right), with a boyfriend high in the order of Cobra, might perhaps be the Baroness? I know I’m going to stick around to find out, and I’d recommend you do as well.


Amazing Spider-Man #591 – Adventure of Headless Spidey in the Macroverse. Um, yeah. Not much to this other than a nice moment late between Web-head and the FF at the end, but the entire adventure seems set-up only to mess up with Peter Parker’s life (time in the Macroverse runs differently than on earth so he’s gone for two months) and provide Spidey with a “Holy Shit!” moment in the final panel. The results of the issue are good giving the series somewhere new to go, but the whole Macroverse storyline could have been handled much better.

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