Super-hero of the week: Maximum Force

by alphamonkey on April 23, 2009 · 0 comments

in Comics!

maximum-forceName: Maximum Force

Alter-ego: Maxwell Lord

First (and only) Appearance: Justice League of America #41 (1990)

Powers: Mind-control

Weaknesses: Nosebleeds, super-sized ego, and a hideous, hideous costume

As the “heroic” Maximum Force, Lord saved the day by getting villains (and King Kong-sized gorillas) to kill themselves. He also used his powers to mentally push young beautiful women to invite him up to their hotel rooms (hey kids, a date-rate super-hero!).

Okay, so the character was only the fevered daydream (or nightmare) of Maxwell Lord, and only appeared in the one issue. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t memorable. And, once again, what an awful costume!

Lesson learned from Maximum Force: Not all comic characters should put on a pair of tights (especially this one).

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