Trekfest 3002

by alphamonkey on April 27, 2009

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You may have heard there’s this new Star Trek film coming out starring the sociopath from Heroes, Kumar (but no Harold), Bruce Banner, a fat boy on the run, Thomas Veil, a celebrity shoplifter, that chick from The Terminal, and, um, who’s that guy playing Kirk? You’ll see post or two on the subject over the next couple weeks as we gear-up for the franchise’s relaunch at the hands of the guy who created Felicity. Heh.

I was actually looking for the Futurama clip of Shatner belting out “Slim Shady,” instead here’s the kick-off Trekfest 3002. And yes, those of you who hate Star Trek must watch it too!

Trekfest 3002

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