Yet another reason to hate Zack Snyder

by alphamonkey on April 7, 2009 · 1 comment

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As if we needed one. With Watchmen still limping around the box office, “visionary director” Zack Snyder has turned his attention to what might be his next big project: a sequel to 300 that would take place roughly a year after the first film ended. No, you didn’t misread that. Now I didn’t hate 300 (mostly because it was impossible to take seriously as it was laughably bad in places), but I came out mildly positive on it as a popcorn flick. That doesn’t mean I have any interest, at all, of seeing a sequel. If you can stomach it, you can read more here or watch the video below.

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    I enjoyed 300, but NO! NO sequel! NO!

    I don’t think I can say NO enough here. WTF! I could go on and on why their shouldn’t be a sequel in either movie, or comic form, but why bother. I’m sure each of you can come up with your own reasons.

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