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Yes, you are Bat-shit Crazy!Kathy Grimes of for going ballistic on President Obama. Last week, while giving the commencement address at Arizona State our President, instead of presenting platitudes and blowing smoke up the gowns of the recent graduates, actually had something to say about the broken state of our economy and about the nature of capitalism.

He asked the students to not only look to make money with their shiny new degrees, but look towards ways they could help their communities, to be good human beings and not just good consumers, and to work towards bringing America back to the status the country once had. Well, it seems Kathy Grimes took exception to these remarks.

Here is Ms. Grimes’ response:

“Obama is such a narcissistic sociopath that he is total denial about his own ‘greed factor’… After telling the graduating students to give more of themselves and work for non-profits instead of big business, and work for free health clinics and poor high schools – unlike he and his wife or anyone they know and associate with. Graduating college students are not supposed to aspire to success according to Obama. They are not supposed to care about profit because profit is bad and evil. Who does obama think supports non-rpofits andf charities with their evil profit? It’s not the civil servants.”

If you can stomach it, read her full diatribe here.

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