Comic Rack – Usagi Yojimbo, X-Men, & Batman Alive

by alphamonkey on May 28, 2009 · 0 comments

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No must-haves this week but here’s a trio of comics worth a few words…


Usagi Yojimbo #120 –As Kitsune recovers from recent events Kiyoko overhears a plot to kill a local merchant. Too bad for the assassin that there’s an honorable rabbit ronin in town. Nice little stand-alone issue, featuring trademark Usagi art (always worth checking out), but not much more.


X-Men: Legacy #224 – Let me get this straight, The Danger Room is actually a sentient computer from another world, Professor X can walk, and Rogue’s been stumbling around the Marvel Universe with a fractured mind for decades. Um, okay. A little tough to follow if you’ve been away from the X-books for awhile, but it’s an interesting, though not necessarily good, idea in giving Rogue the ability to control her powers. Now whether that makes her a more or less interesting character in the future we’ll just have to wait and see. If I was a betting man though I’d put a couple bucks down on the latter.


Battle for the Cowl – Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive (One-shot) – Like most of these one-shots this collection of separate stories is a mixed bag. There’s nothing of much interest in the Bullock story, or that of Leslie Thomkins. And although the Stephanie Brown tale helps tie-up some loose ends, you won’t miss anything of any real import if you skip it. Of the four only the Vicki Vale tale, which winds up the issue, gives you a reason to pick this one up. While attending a soiree Vicki has an epiphany and starts putting two and two together. The intrepid photographer now has an idea about the secret identity of Batman (and panning down we also see she’s got a pretty nice ass, too).

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