Eric and alphamonkey review Wolverine

by alphamonkey on May 1, 2009 · 7 comments

in Audio Visual,Film

Hey folks, check out teh monkey and our pal Eric from Scene-Stealers taking a few moments to share their thoughts immeadiately after seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Cap’n Carrot’s two cents: I’ll admit I fall somewhere in-between their two opinions, and despite what Eric has to say about Daredevil I still can’t bring myself to hate a movie, as flawed as it is, that gets the main character right, something I’m not sure you can argue about this film. Okay, back to Wolverine. I wouldn’t recommend the film, except to huge Wolverine fans and those totally gay for Hugh Jackman (cough, alphamonkey, cough), but it does have one or two fun moments (along with huge plot and dialogue problems). If you take a trip to the local megaplex, or watched the film online weeks ago, let us know what you think.

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  • MavMurdoc

    I was one of the ones that downloaded the leaked version a few weeks ago, so I’ve yet to see the complete version of this movie. I found it enjoyable as an action movie, and nothing more.

    It really did sacrifice good story telling for shiny claws (or not so shiny in the leaked version) and boom booms. It definitely just threw characters in there for the hell of it. I felt totally lost with the Deadpool character. I expected to see more of Ryan Renolds before he was changed, and the lack their of made his character’s change into the abomination of Deadpool lack any feeling what-so-ever.

    But if you want to see super powered people make things go boom, you won’t be let down.

  • BusyMM

    Hmm I am kinda suprised that this movie for all it’s flaws was rated higher by Alpha than the watchmen……. For no better reason than shiny claws boom boom fun fest. I understand though being a dire hard fan of one type of thing then watching said thing getting chopped up might have a little to do with it.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Mostly it’s because that although I’m a lifelong X-Men nerd, I just don’t care with the same intensity that I do for Watchmen. I consider it akin to steak and hamburger. A bad hamburger isn’t enough to be annoyed with. A bad steak is just bad juju.

  • Nomad

    some parts of this movie were okay (like anything with Liev Schreiber or Ryan Reynolds)… but almost everything else was oozing with cheese

  • BAD

    If they do a Deadpool movie I will be sooooo happy.

  • Cap’n Carrot
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