Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

by mr sparkle on May 1, 2009 · 2 comments

in Film

girlfriendspast050109In this day and age, it seems like few things are more definite than the ever steady trickle of Matthew McConaughey romantic comedies, and the Kansas City Royals being a miserable baseball team. Oh. Well, it’s nice to see some things don’t change.

Today marks the release of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, the latest of McConaughey’s long line of charmers to hit the box office. A glance at the actor’s IMDb reveals its his fifth such genre film; and one has to admit – if anyone’s is going to be doing these shitty movies, at least it’s a guy who can make it work as well as McConaughey can.

Whether we want to admit it or not, everyone’s got a soft spot for the ridiculously tanned chunk of southern-fried gentlemen. He keeps up the good work with Ghosts, managing to be likable while being a total sleeze. I mean, come on. Dude fought dragons with Batman.

The rest of the film works well enough. Its story, borrowing from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol plot of being visited by a ghost representing the main character’s past, present and future, gives the story the framework to support plenty of dumb 80s references, including a Cindy Lauper-scored montage. It’s dumb, but it achieves what the filmmakers are going for.

Jennifer Garner’s not too bad, either. The woman might look like a ditz in her late night show interviews (I’d recommend this one at the 2:03 mark), but she pulls off the smarmy, clever comeback-ista quality that’s written into her character of McConaughey dream girl.

And Michael Douglas delivers some laughs as a dead 70s Playboy, too. But these nice performances – and the rest of the film’s elements – are never much more than fairly entertaining. It’s enough to satisfy Rom-Com lovers out there, and will keep all of their boyfriends content as they’re dragged to the theater.

You’ll sit through Ghost of Girlfriends Past and find yourself liking it, and then a day later realize how stupid you were for enjoying it as much as you did. It’s a cute, charming movie, but there’s nothing here worth a second glance. The experience of watching it is a lot more fun than remembering it. There’s just not much to say about this film, which I’m going to use as an excuse to justify this very short review.

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  • BigA

    Okay, I haven’t read the review as of the posting of this comment but I feel it needed to be done. The Royals are actually doing pretty decent this year and up until the game you referenced tonight they’ve been in the top or first in their division and have one of the best pitchers in the league in Zack Greinke. And I know that the division is down this year but hey they are playing teams from the outside and had a really good series against Toronto taking 3 of 4. I’m not a big Royals fan and only know this much because a large portion of my life is wasted on listening to sports radio (because I’m just that pathetic) but lets give them some credit.

  • Mr. Sparkle

    Oh BigA, if only you would have clicked on my link! It was kind of subtle, so I won’t knock you on it; but rest assured that as a Kansas Cititan, I am quite aware that we’re doing well this year.

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