Happy 65th George!

by alphamonkey on May 14, 2009 · 1 comment

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George Lucas turns 65 today. Say what you will about his later years, the guy changed the landscape of movies (in mostly positive ways), and as a lifelong Star Wars nerd (and proudly so!) I owe much to the man that showed me as a young child just how amazing movies could be. To celebrate here’s Carrie Fisher’s speech to Geroge at his AFI Tribute from a few years back. Happy Birthday Mr. Lucas, and thanks for the memories.

Carrie Fisher Roasts George Lucas

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  • cp1

    Yeah talk about the most original unoriginal person. At 33 years old he creates one of the greatest movies in history. Once that was done he procedes to spend the next 32 years exploiting the crap out of it. I mean who could possibly keep track of the gazillion splinter stories from books to magazines to anime movies and video games, all ok’ed by the man himself. This man is the most successful “one hit wonder” the world has ever seen.

    Let it go George, create something new. Oh and Happy Birthday.

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