June 2009

One of my favorite songs from the new Wilco album is “You Never Know,” and I was surprised to hear them play it on the new “Tonight Show” the other night. Earlier this year on “The Colbert Report,” the Chicago-based band played “Wilco (the song),” which one would think would be the single, since it’s from “Wilco (the album),” so this was an unexpected treat. Jeff Tweedy and the boys are all dressed up in Nudie suits, a la Flying Burrito Brothers. If you aren’t familiar with either the suits or the Burritos, click the links for more tasty goodness. Here’s another awesome Burritos song too.

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Another vampire flick? Um, yah? “Imagine a world where almost everyone is a vampire.” Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe star in Daybreakers. The film won’t see the light of day until January of next year, but you can check out the trailer right now.

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top 10 movie rain scenesUsually around this time of year we’d be doing something like J.D.’s Top 10 “Crazy From the Heat” Movies. However, in New York City, where Scene-Stealers sitegoer Sean O’Connell is from, there has been a ton of rain this summer. Lucky for us, that spurred an entire Top 10 list of famous rain scenes from him.

Rain is usually used to symbolize a rebirth or baptism of some sort by the character involved, but sometimes it’s just used as a gloomy or scary mood-setter. Whatever the device, Sean has compiled his list of Top 10 Movie Rain Scenes for you to enjoy and add to. I already know I need to add John Goodman and William Forsythe in “Raising Arizona” to the list!

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cesarromerojokerHey kids, it’s time for another lesson from your good pal the Joker. And who doesn’t want a sociopath with odd sense of humor and unique taste in fashion, as a close personal friend?

This one comes from “The Funny Feline Felonies” of the old Batman TV-show:

“A million of anything is a lot.”

Holy Large Numbers, Joker! Thanks for the tip!

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lego-gun-shipNow that’s a big gun. Oh, and lookee, there’s a boat underneath!

Who doesn’t love LEGOs? Commies that’s who! Seriously though, The Brothers Brick is a damn fine LEGO fan site. Besides the sweet gunship you see here the site also showcases plenty of LEGO-goodness including a Star Wars LEGO Chessboard, one cool ass tank, robots, and so much more. Take a minute or two and peruse their site. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Now, where did I put my LEGOs?

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Mini Train

by alphamonkey on June 29, 2009

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minitrainHere’s a little time waster for you. Hop on board the Mini Train. Make sure you drag the obstacles out of the way first and then let ‘er rip.

Note: You don’t want your train to end up like the one in the pic (unless your goal is to try and kill everyone on board).

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shelbyvilleEver wondered what the cost of a Cheetos fight would be? Turns out to be about $5,000.

A 40-year-old couple was arrested, and had to each post a $2,500 bond, for getting into an altercation involving the use of Cheetos. Oh, Shelbyville. I guess Homer was right about you all along. Okay, so it’s not that Shelbyville, but it’s still funny.

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Okay, One Crazy Summer isn’t exactly John Cusack’s finest hour (or even Demi Moore’s), but it does include this fun little animated opening featuring a lovelorn rhino, Cupid, some very mean bunnies, and a submachine gun.

The Cute & Funny Bunny Massacre

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…tribute is being paid to the King of Pop. Check out these sweet Star Wars themed memorials from Gareth Payne, Stefan, and Doctor Beef (my favorite)


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What if you lived in a world where everyone told the truth all the time, but you alone had discovered the ability to lie? That’s the basic premise of Ricky Gervais’ new film The Invention of Lying. I’m not sure the premise can work for an entire film, but the trailer looks like this one might be fun. The lying begins on September 25th.

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