Catman, Calendar Man, and Bat-Mite. Oh, my!

by Cap'n Carrot on June 1, 2009 · 1 comment

in Television

Catman and Calendar Man, plus Bat-Mite? Oh yeah! Not to mention Mr. Zero, Kite-Man, Gorilla Grodd, Solomon Grundy, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Ace the Bat-Hound, Mr. Polka-Dot, Killer Moth, Tiger Shark, and a Fifth-Dimesion Comic-Con panel. Paul Dini gives us “Legends of the Dark Mite,” the best episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold yet, which even includes a nice nod to the intro for Batman: The Animated Series and the use of one of the ‘buddha offices favorite phrases “Awesomesauce.” In this clip Bat-Mite’s imagination gets the better of him as more and more of Batman’s rogues gallery appears. You can check out the full episode here.

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    Hmmm duck tracy anyone???

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