Comic Rack – Batman & Robin, Spidey, Exiles, and Shazam!

by alphamonkey on June 4, 2009 · 0 comments

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I was a little late hitting the comic store last night and wouldn’t you know it they were all out of the latest issue of Secret Six. Sigh. I guess these four issues will just have to do…


Batman and Robin #1 – Grant Morrison launches Dick Grayson’s role as the the new Batman. A couple of nice moments including one involving Dick’s decision to stay in the city and not move back into Wayne Manor. I can’t say I’m wild about the art by Frank Quitely or the choice of villains for this first issue (carnival freaks?), but it certainly places the focus on our two main characters and their new relationship, something a larger villain might have overshadowed. I’m also happy to have someone less than perfect in the Robin sidekick role and allow Tim Drake to move on to a new role in the DCU. Although it doesn’t have the epic feel I was expecting, this first issue is a good read and I like the fact that Dick Grayson’s personality, even under his new burden, seems to be intact. And who’s kidding who, this is a comic, even if it had been terrible, you were still going to pick up.


Amazing Spider-Man #596 – Tired of Venom hogging the spotlight as the “real” Spider-Man our hero comes up with a plan. As plans go, taking Venom’s place on the Avengers isn’t the worst Peter Parker’s come up with, but for a smart guy he sure does put himself in some dumb situations. This issue continues to set-up of Harry Osborne’s role in his father’s world, but we’ll have to wait until the next issue until it’s revealed. Nice cameo by Sue Storm. Not a must-have by any means, but a good read.


Exiles #3 – The team’s first mission is, well success may be too strong a word, but they all survived. What did we learn from this three-story arc? You can’t trust Magneto, no matter what dimension you’re in. I’m glad the series has gone for a lighter tone this time around and I’ll continue to keep an eye on it because it’s the one Marvel title where the Scarlet Spider could easily make his return to the Marvel Universe.


Batman: The Brave and The Bold #5 – This one’s from last week, but it’s Captain Marvel (and I love me some Big Red Cheese!), flying monkeys, and Batman cracking not just one, but several jokes, so I had to include it here. Batman and Marvel take on the Queen of Fables who is kidnapping children into her force field protected fairy tale land. Silly? Yeah, and really, really fun! Like the TV show the comic is a bit over-the-top, but I do wish that DC would work a little bit of the funny back into more of their main titles. If there’s still a copy at your local comic shop you should pick it up (and at only $2.50, too).

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