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Captain America #600 – This over-sized issue, which returns the series to the original numbering, is, when you get right down to it, little more than a tease. That’s not to say it’s not worth picking up, but it’s really only a preview of what’s in store for the many whose lives have been touched by Steve Rogers. Stealing a page from DC’s book, Brubaker and his team give us the death of Cap, One Year Later.

Some of the stories work fine (Patriot meets Bucky, Sharon Carter’s revelation, Bucky Cap’s internal struggle over appearing at Steve Rogers vigil), but others seem a bit forced into place (50’s Cap beats up hicks, Captain America merchandising, Cap’s old gal-pal Bernie, and a reprinting of “Red Skull’s Deadly Revenge”) because there simply wasn’t anything better to include to make the issue large enough to justify the $5 cover price.

And, I’ll admit it might be a tad nitpicky on my part to bring this up, but for guys who have had years to plan Captain America’s death and eventually return you think they could at least give us a little consistency on the look and make of the murder weapon (especially if it’s going to be the important clue to bring back Cap). The top image is from issue #25, the middle and bottom are from #600. Does that look like the same gun to you? I’m just saying…


Batman: Streets of Gotham #1 – Firefly? The use of Batman’s B-villains continues over the Bat-books (and still no Calendar Man, c’mon!?). A good issue here with a fun early moment between B&R and Harley Quinn before Firefly’s arson fetish takes things down a more serious path. Although I’m not blown away by Dustin Nguyen‘s art there some nice panels, including the last, which are beautifully lit and colored by John Kalisz. The issue also includes a B-story featuring Manhunter which I would have read except, you know, it’s Manhunter. Worth picking up.


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #2 (of 3) – Okay, I am a bit disappointed that Kirk’s screaming has been limited to just one panel, and where is the full Kobsyashi Maru conversation (without which Kirk’s final line here doesn’t really work)? Even with these flaws, if the above comic immobilization of perhaps the most famous scene in the Star Trek movie franchise isn’t enough to get you to buy the issue then I don’t know what to say.


The Muppet Show #3 – The main story involves an insurance adjuster and Scooter‘s growing concentration and failure to discover just what species of animal Gonzo is exactly. Also included are episodes of “Bears on Patrol,” “Pigs in Space,” and, my favorite, the noir-styled “Gumshoe McGurk, Private Eye.” Not a must-have, and they still haven’t gotten Statler and Waldorf right, but worth a look for die-hard Muppet fans.

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