Keith Olbermann says enough is enough

by alphamonkey on June 3, 2009 · 4 comments

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When you repeatedly ask, order, cajole, and plead with strangers to burn down the local theater you can’t act surprised when someone actually strikes the match, and you can’t feign ignorance. In the case George Tiller, a Kansas doctor who has repeatedly been attacked over the years for performing late-term abortions, Bill O’Reilly, and several other FOX News pundits, labeled the man a baby killer and demanded he be stopped. And this past weekend he was. Tiller was shot while serving as an usher in his local church by a right-wing extremist in an action which FOX News has denied any involvement or complicity.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann decided he had finally had enough. The man who used turn a funny phrase in giving out the latest SportsCenter highlights stepped back from his own entertaining newsman pundit persona to lay the facts of the situation bare and call for an immediate calling on the carpet of FOX News for what he views as their contributing influence to the murder. In a rather Murrow-esque moment Olbermann called for the quarantine and boycott of FOX News and any businesses which supports them, or, as he sees it, their agenda. Whether or not people can support this position, or even take Olbermann seriously, who has been in his own heated public battle with FOX over the past few years, remains to be seen.

Keith Oblemann calls for a Quarantine of FOX News

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  • Just Plain Bob

    regardless of one’s stance on abortion, and regardless of one’s opinion on O’Reilly,

    who can deny these are connected? I mean, really? I Hate the media.

  • Momo

    Keith is so far left he can’t be taken seriously. Where are all the moderates we always hear about?

  • Git


    For those looking to have a moderate political view I’d recommend Chris Matthews, Shep Smith, Campbell Brown… The numbers a dwindling though. It’s sad that our news media doesn’t find interest in reporting the news and instead focuses on furthering viewpoints. We the people are only further divided and made more ignorant by this trend. It’s sad when people have to turn to Comedy Central to hear interviews with actual experts on the Pakistan/Afghanistan crisis, economic and banking crisis and anything not related to the latest plane crash/abduction/octomom/melodrama sweeping the headlines.

    As for being left, I agree Olbermann is fairly left in his views, but in a TV media filled with strong conservative voices like Scarborough, Dobbs, Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, Wallace, Hume, Cavuto and many others it’s good to have a strong progressive voice on the air. On the left there is Maddow, Olbermann and Zakaria – Stephanopoulos is not exactly a strong voice for anything.

    For a moderate, your best hope is to avoid the TV and read the foreign press to get real news. If you must watch TV, PBS is about as balanced as it gets. Newshour, Worldfocus and Nightly Business Report are great and they actually spend the time to cover a story, not just throw soundbytes your way before rushing to commercials. They were also the only TV news covering the good in Iraq back in 2005-7 while at the same time were very ahead of the curve on the economic collapse.

    McClatchy Newspapers are the best in America for print. They were the only ones to do indepth reporting on the bad intelligence leading up to the Iraq War, they were well ahead of the curve on the financial meltdown and the fraud in both Bush and Obama’s bailouts. They’ve been equally critical of Obama’s foreign and economic policies as they were with Bush. In short, they actually cover the news, not a political party.

  • Just Plain Bob

    Honestly, I don’t care what Keith Olbermann is SAYING. The facts of the situation just weird me out. A guy got murdered after being smacktalked by a pundit, doesn’t matter whose side the pundit was on. And the pundit hasn’t retracted his “he must be stopped” statements or, to my knowledge, condemned the murder in any way.

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