Transformers Tuesday

by alphamonkey on June 23, 2009 · 1 comment

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transformers-top-10-optimus-primeMr. Sparkle and I attended a screening of Transformers: ROTFL last night. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for our thoughts on Michael Bay’s second attempt to make a good Transformers movie. To help tide you over for the next 24-hours or so here’s a little Transformers love from Transbuddha’s past (oh, there’s more if you have time to search). If you ever wanted to see Optimus Prime throwdown with Bumbleebee this vid is for you. Not too far back I took a swipe at a Thursday Top Ten Best Transformers. Why do Transformers need to be made out of metal, it seems paper Transformers are really cool. Fans of old school Transformers should enjoy Stan Bush – The Touch. And, finally, we look back at the last Transformers film and give you One More Reason to Hate Michael Bay.

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    “You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for our thoughts . . . ”

    That’s just mean. I can probably guess what they are, but still, that’s just mean, making us wait like that. :(

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