July 2009

500 days of summer(500) Days of Summer isn’t your typical date movie. In fact, in many ways it’s almost an anti-date film. Through the eyes of Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon Levitt) we are shown the ups and downs of his relationship with Summer Finn (Zooey Deschanel). Those couples looking for a fun romantic evening should choose this one only if they’re very comfortable and confident in their relationship. Otherwise the evening might turn a little more uncomfortable than what you planned.

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cubecraftHere’s just what you need on a Friday afternoon: a cool little project determined to eat up the most productive part of your day. Cubecraft is here to give you pop culture icons, cubed.

I can hear you, “Yeah, that’s kinda cool design, but so what?” Ah, not only can you peruse the gallery, but you can download any of one of the designs (like say a TARDIS, Mayor McCheese, or Usagi Yojimbo) print it out, and, wait for it, build the 3-D cubecraft figure yourself!

By now I’m sure alphamonkey’s already putting together the Domo and Hello Kitty. You aren’t going to let him have all the fun, now are you?


Gunny Bunny

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Simple little shoot ’em up. In Gunny Bunny if someone gets in your sights, you blow ’em away. You get points whether it’s an armed killer or just some guy fishing peacefully by the pond. Who knew bunnies were so violent (well, aside from Bugs)? This might be Michael Bay’s favorite flash game ever.

gunny bunny


I’ll clean this up later, but I’m on my way to work and finally found something that absolutely begged to be posted:


Owl City performing the song Fireflies.

The best song/video combo I’ve come across in a while.
I guarantee you’ll be humming this to yourself all day.


Good People.

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PH0uN022yXga29_mI’ll just come out and admit I’m not entirely sure what Funny People, the third film directed by Judd Apatow, is about. That’s not to say it’s neccesarily ambiguous – the story is very clear-cut, if more freeform than one expects from the megaplex these days. But there’s not one clear story-line that the movie focuses from beginning to end, and there’s no real climax. A wide assortment of stuff goes on in here, but it’s not made clear what it’s all supposed to add up to.

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First Flight

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green lantern first flightCreated 40 years ago by John Broome and Gil Kane, at the dawn of the Silver Age, Hal Jordan is back in the center of the DCU and the star of his own animated film.

I was a bit surprised when I first heard DC was planning an animated Green Lantern film. Thrilled, but surprised. They had already done Justice League: The New Frontier which, at its heart, is a Hal Jordan story. I was also concerned by Warner Premiere’s hit-and-miss track record so far. So it was with hope, and a little trepidation, I sat down to watch Green Lantern: First Flight. Although far from perfect, this straight-to-DVD flick has a lot going for it. It’s a pretty good GL story, and it even casts Red Foreman as the voice of one of the villains.

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For all you Lite-Brite fans out there (and you know who you are), here’s “Laurel Collective – Fax of Death,” the winning entry to The Great Animation Challenge! by director and animator Joe Lea. If you like, and why wouldn’t you, you can check out more of Lea’s videos here.

Laurel Collective – Fax of Death


With Comic Con still fresh in our minds, and the recent release of the director’s cut of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen on DVD haunting our nightmares, I thought it would make a good opportunity to look back on some previous comic characters that got screwed out of their moment in the sun.

Whether it was due to script, production, casting, acting or direction, these characters would have been better off on the cutting room floor. Because so many good characters have been wasted on screen is was a little difficult to whittle the list down to just ten (okay, eleven). Honorable mentions for those who didn’t quite make the cut: Supergirl, Frank Castle, and about half of the cast of X-Men: The Lamest Stand. Enough about them, and on to the list! Here are ten comic characters that deserved better (in some cases MUCH better).

Just to get some fanboys ticked-off with me right from the start, let’s begin with…

10. Mary Jane Watson

mary jane top ten movies

Why not start off the list with a controversial pick? Let me start by saying I like both Kirsten Dunst and Mary Jane. However, I do not like Dunst as Mary Jane. Aside from bad casting the character is drastically altered from the larger-than-life party girl into the cute girl next door for Sam Raimi’s film. This creates further problems when the franchise tried to introduce Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard) in the third movie, who, by necessity, had to come off blander than MJ. In the comics MJ is a super-model extrovert who falls for Peter Parker, not Spider-Man. In the movies she’s an aspiring actress who falls for the hero and only later for the man behind the powers. In other words, they turned her into Lois Lane.

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Oh, hells yes. Finally some A/V love for one of the best tracks on Paolo Nutini’s latest release, Sunny Side Up: Dig this Harvey themed nugget o’ joy for “Coming Up Easy“:

I so very, very much dig this tune.

*Update: the director has made an alternate cut/high quality version available here. GO! Go now!*


Ah, Job. Is there any story more timeless than the original Trading Places? Apparently not, as this hipster update on the bible’s favorite sad sack goes to show:

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